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Special weather note:  Although we generally follow FCPS cancellation policy we are able to hold classes when the roads are clear enough for the majority of our students.  Please check the Dancers' Studio facebook page for the most current schedule updates.  You may also email ( for specific questions and you will receive an answer asap!!             

2013-2014: Join us for a wonderful new season of dance!


 New!! Click here to download and print a 2013-2014 Brochure (pdf)


Dancers’ Studio
570 Delzan Suite 36
Lexington , KY 40503

Laurie Fields, Director

Keithshire Place off Clays Mill - 2nd floor


                 2013-2014  CALENDAR

July & August           Open Registration for Fall
August 19                 Fall Semester Begins
September 2             Labor Day - No Classes
November 27-30        Thanksgiving Break
December 14            Last Day of Fall Semester
January 2                 Spring Semester Begins
March 31-April 1       Spring Break
April 27                    Year End Performance
May 3                      Last Day of Spring Semester
May 5                      Summer Sessions Begin
Any calendar changes will be posted.

Cancellations:  Classes will be canceled due to inclement weather if Fayette County Public
Schools are closed. Call the studio to check
on the status of your class or check our facebook page for important studio messages. When possible announcements will be posted on the web site home page. If there is a concern, students in Saturday and evening classes should call the studio before coming. Always leave a message and someone will return your call.

General Information

Sessions:  Classes are offered in two 17 week sessions that follow the school year, and summer sessions that vary in length.  

Class Schedule:  Please refer to the calendar for important semester dates. We do not take off the
single day FCPS breaks (teacher workdays …).   Classes offered by other groups  may follow a
different schedule.  Be sure to confirm  dates.

Placement:  Please discuss placement in levels with the director.  Ages listed are approximate as placement is based on individual abilities. Call to verify class availability.

Absences: Students may make up missed lessons during the current semester.  Please ask your teacher to suggest an appropriate class.

     2013-2014 CLASS SCHEDULE

CLASS  (Ages)                          Day    Time    
Pre-Ballet + tap (3-5)            Fri 5:00-6:00
Ballet A + tap (4-5)               Tue 4:30-5:30
Ballet 1 + tap (3-5)                Tue 3:45-4:45
Ballet 2A + tap (6-7)              Fri 4:00-5:00
Ballet 2 + tap (6-8)                Tue 3:30-4:30
Ballet 2-3 + tap (7-9)            Mon 4:30-5:45
Ballet 2-3 (8-10)                    Wed 4:45-5:45
Ballet 2-4 (12-A)                   Wed 6:30-7:45
Ballet 3-4 (10-14)                 Wed 4:45-6:00
Tap 1-3 (10-A)                      Wed 6:00-6:30
Ballet 3-4 (10-A)                  Fri 4:30-5:45
Modern Rep.(10-A)             Fri 5:45-6:30
Ballet 3-5/pte (12-A)           Sat 10:15-11:45
Ballet 4-5/pte (13-A)           Mon 6:45-8:15
Ballet 4-5 (13-A)                 Thu 6:45-8:15
Modern (13-A)                     Mon 5:45-6:45
Restorative Yoga                Wed 7:45-8:30
Yoga Flow                            Thu 5:45-6:45      

  Note:  Students may enroll in Ballet and Tap
  combination classes and choose to only take
  ballet. The class would be 15 minutes shorter.

Pointe (pte) may only be taken with permission from
the director.  Students are required to attend at least
2 technique classes a week to maintain the required

Additional classes offered at the Dancers’ Studio include:
ballet and conditioning (KRDT, contact: Nancy Durall), 
Drama Classes (contact: Elena Tkacheva-Wells), 
Kempo and Tai Chi  (Goshin Kan, contact: Tom Griswold)
Ballroom/social dancing (Dance-a-lot, contact: Micheal and Stacy Hinchey).

Registration is confirmed upon payment of the yearly individual registration fee of $20 or $25 per family.  Semester tuition is based on the number of hours taken per week and may be paid in 1-4 installments. The scale below includes discounts for multiple classes taken by one or more members of a family.
    ¾ hour      $160        1 hour            $160
   1¼ hours    $192       1½ hours         $224
   1¾ hours    $256        2 hours           $283                               
   2¼ hours    $320        2½ hours        $352      
   2¾ hours    $384        3 hours           $416   
   3¼ hours    $448        3½ hours        $480
   3¾ hours    $496        4 hours           $512

Special Tuition for Unlimited classes: The semester rate for students enrolled in 4 or  more upper level classes is $575. 
The semester rate for families enrolled in 5 or more classes
is $725.
Single Class Rates:
    ¾ hour      $10         1 hour            $11
    1¼ hours   $13         1½  hours       $15

Private Class Rate:  $20/half hour